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Hobbit SBG - Hunter Orcs V Gondor

“Send out word, there is a price on their heads"          
Azog, An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit

Welcome one and all. This week saw a new member, Tom, join the club and partake in some Hobbit SBG goodness. Tom is a fairly new to all the new Hobbit rules so we decided to have a simple game of To the Death. Tom bought 500pts of old school Gondor and I was using my Hunter Orc army.

Narzug mtd on his Fell warg leading his warband

Fimbul (General) and Yazneg spread out across the battlefield

Meanwhile Faramir (General) instructs his Captain to hold the barricade. The rabble of mindless orcs look threatening.

Damrod and the Rangers of Gondor set up in open ground, preparing to make it rain arrows on the oncoming orcs. 

Turn 1: The Hunter Orcs surge forward. They have spied the Gondorians and want blood.

Fimbul leads a sneaky flank attack.

Captain Faramir leads the Knights to open ground. The rangers stand still and in the resulting shoot phase manage to shoot 2 fell wargs from underneath their orc riders. First blood to Gondor. 

Turn 2: The Warriors of Minas Tirith spy the flank charge and form a rather uninviting spear line. Fimbul mutters an orcish curse and instructs his riders to hold ground until the main lines clash.

Enraged by the loss of their faithful steeds, the Hunter orcs press on towards the line of Gondor. 

Yazneg leads his riders towards the edge of the barricade to try and get round the side of it. In the resulting shoot phase, a few more Gondorian arrows find their mark and 3 hunter orcs drop dead. 

Turn 3: More riders arrive to support Fimbul but still he holds position.

Narzug commands his troops forward as he prepares to fire his bow for the first time (he misses).

Faramir instructs a few of his Knights to shore up the left flank.

Damrod and his rangers stand firm and keep firing into the oncoming hoard. A few more arrows find their mark.

End of turn 3 overview. The Gondor captain leads a portion of his warband to protect the rangers.

A phantom turn where I forgot to take photos. Fimbul breaks from the ruins and is joined by yazneg on the far flank. The rest of the orcs surge forward but the gondor retreat. Narzugs black arrow finally finds a target and a ranger drops dead. In return, a few more hunter orcs are slain.

Turn 5: With an fell cry, the hunter orcs surge forward and engage the enemy wherever possible. Fimbul & Yazneg charge in hoping to score some early kills and get through the lines. It doesnt all go the hunter orcs way though as Faramir leads a counter charge which slays many orcs. It was about equal in terms of kills. 

Turn 6: Fimbul & Yazneg are charged before they can move. Tom is hoping to score some early VPs by wounding Fimbul but the brave men of Gondor fail to find the mark. On the far side of the field, Narzug calls a heroic combat...but will it go his own way...

...Nope...after killing the single ranger he was in combat with, Narzug spurs his warg into two more rangers only to find they are skilled warg hunters. A quick flash of their swords and Narzug is left bemused on his feet.

It isn't all good news for Tom though as Damrod is slain by two hunter orcs.

Holes are starting to form in both lines. In the last turn both Fimbul and Yazneg were able to create a bit of breathing room. We quickly count up our losses and realize we are both about 5/6 kills each away from being broken.

Faramir leads the charge hoping to wipe out the orcs on this flank.

More knights arrive to stop the hunter orcs getting behind the lines. Fimbul is charged again.

After realizing the flank is lost, Faramir decides to prove his worth by charging Yazneg.

Yazneg is equal to Faramir though and pushes the young captain back. Fimbul manages to kill some of his attackers.

Things arn't looking good for Narzug as he is surrounded but he manages to fight off his attackers.

Both lines are looking very thin. The score is still 0-0 as neither of us are broken (both close) and neither general has been wounded.

A grudge match is forming on the flank. These guys have been dueling for 2/3 turns now without killing each other.

With the time running out, Faramir goes for broke and charges into the Fimbul, hoping to slay the enemy general and win the game. Tom piles as many warriors into fight as possible. 

Narzug and his hunter orcs begin mopping up the last of the rangers.

Stalemate! Neither general can wound each other. During the previous combat, we each killed enough models to break the opposing forces. Score 1-1. I'm not holding out much hope of my orcs staying.

Narzug attempts to rally his troops but before he can he is charged by a courageous knight...

...and the result. Any orcs which were stupid enough to stick around where run down by the remaining gondor. Narzug kills the pesky knight though is retaliation. In a last ditch effort to win, Tom sends as many models in Fimbul as possible and gambles that Faramir will not get wounded in the process. The remaining orcs attempt to help Fimbul by drawing off the knight (gets killed) and spear supports (also killed). 

So it comes down to the last combat. Fimbul versus Faramir & 3 Warriors of Minas Tirith. 
Fimbul rolls a 4 highest...I have no might to bump it up.
Faramir rolls a 4 highest...Tom has no might either.
The Warriors roll 1,3 and...5! The gondorians take the fight and I am fearing for my general. 
It is tense as I wait for Tom to roll to wound. 6 dice, 2 5s would win him the game.
Alas, it was not meant to be as Faramir promptly forget which end of the sword to use and rolled triple 1. A warrior manages to wound but fate is with Fimbul and he avoids the wound. 
I am down to 25% and the game ends a draw a 1-1. Close...

Man of the Match:
Gondorian Captain
Man of the Match
I have to give this to Tom's Captain of Minas Tirth. He managed to cut down several hunter orcs and even scored some kills on the mounted orcs aswell. The unsung hero who wasnt mentioned much but played his part. 

Post Game reactions
It was a close game despite Tom not having full knowledge of the rules. To have the game decided by the very last combat of the game is tense but overall I think a draw was deserved by both players. Hopefully we will see Tom again at the club where he can probably go on to thrash everyone. 

Final Thoughts
My first battle report I have written for the blog, I hope you all like it and stay tuned for the next one. I will also be doing a piece on our upcoming Hobbit SBG tournament on the 2nd March.

Stay tuned or follow the website for the battle report and the very exciting month 2 and 3 centerpiece we have planned. 

We welcome anyone interested in playing The Hobbit SBG, Lotr SBG, WotR or any warhammer/40K or Malifaux battle - why not let us know so that we can arrange some starter battles, or if you/your club want to challenge us. We have all the LOTR/Hobbit SBG figures and LOTR scenery from the Mines of Moria to the siege of Helms Deep, snow fields to desert boards ready and waiting.  

Feel free to email us to come along or arrange a game.

East Grinstead War Gaming club 

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