Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hobbit SBG - Galdhrim Knights v Umbar

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My gift to you, Legolas, is a bow of the Galadhrim, worthy of the skills of our woodland kin."
        Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings

With just over a week until our Great British Hobbit League tourney event here in East Grinstead, Joe came over to club to show me how the 'custom' Wargonation scenario works - Sam played Tom on another table - this report is already online.

And so it was set, two armies meet for battle - but wait,  "OH NO, WARG ATTACK!"...

..will the Umbar army dominate and destroy the elves, or will the Warg over run both armies. Galadhrim knights are often looked down on as not as good as... well other cavalry, BUT - I usually field what I like the look of, and I like the Galadhrim Knights.  I steered away from bright gold, and opted for a muted brown/gold - I hope you like it as I love these figures now that they have been painted - so with everything to play for, who will win and win the day - Umbar, Galadhrim or wargonation!

This custom scenario is from our 'Best Event Ever'  the scenario rules are on page 3 - CLICK HERE

Hope you enjoy!

The Battle field with woods, buildings and ruins

My Leader\General - Legolas on Horse and 5 Galadhrim Knights, all with a bows

Warband two, Galadhrim captain, banner and 10 Galadhrim knights
all on armoured horses

Joe with his leader on camel and 5 Half trolls

Corsair reavers and a few harad make up the rest of his warbands,
led by corsair captain and task master

My deployment, archers to the rear!

Main force to their flank

Joe  staggers his force across the centre, no divide and conquer this time,
he hasn't taken the bait and his force is altogether 

even if they are hidden behind the building away from my bows!

I start my advance, and feint a charge through the woods,
my cavalry can pass without penalty, but I want to draw him in and split his army

Legolas and the bows ride 1/2 distance forward, but then I realise...

BAM! One warg charges my bow, so the other charges him

My cavalry are set on by the warg and my whole force is in disarray!

HOLD - Legolas steadies the archers - it's still only one (warg that is!)

Joe takes the bait (well so I think) and starts to head into the woods to cut me off,
meanwhile he engages wargs too

The warg is no match for the Corsairs Reevers 

My army is all over the place as I send the rear of my cavalry to take on the reevers,
my plan was to draw Joe into the woods then flank his reevers without the heavy support...
which could have worked if it wasn't for those pesky warg!

More warg and Joe is still advancing and getting kills on the warg.

Back behind the building waiting for more warg and more points..
erm, have I missed something here!

My Galadhrim captain moves forward - the Reevers are in his mind

The next riders approach, this flanking move might just work

Galadhrim knights take on the warg

Divide and conquered... is turning into be divided and be conquered, I am all over the place,
I need to think fast, this isn't like a normal match, this is warganation

I was so into the battle I forgot to take photo's but, I realised that the aim of the game was to get closest to the objectives so the warg would attack, kill the warg, get the points, win the match.  Fortunately, with such a long move the Galadhrim Knights were able to take on the Half trolls and Corsairs in the centre as well as fight for the warg

Now I've got it, another warg, kill = another point.

The woods, are still working to my advantage as the main Reever force
are still stuck in the woods with 1/2 movement

We are fighting for the warg and every point

Joe's general charged my Galadhrim, but Legolas counter charges him,
might is being burnt by every hero in the centre... we both want to win

"Darth Camel" vs Legolas... Trapped, and outnumbered can the Umbar General survive?

I still use numbers on the warg - I need those points

The rest of Joe's Umbar warband are about to clear the woods straight into the rear of my army

Joe and I are both desperately trying to kill the Warg Chief and secure another 3 points

Meanwhile, Joe is taking on the warg on his side, without contest

And I see why he had his tactic... points and wargs...

My heart starts to sink - I think I may have lost this, I was outnumbered and cavalry against
an Umbar heavy mob is never going to go well, even for elves

And to add to the trouble, I loose against the warg, and yes,
the half troll is entering the fight at the top of the picture

But, the banner earns his keep, and helps me win some fights, but the Umbar General wins this one

Next round and more warg... 

"GET THE POINTS", my Galadhrim ignore the half troll and go for the warg

and so I keep going for the warg

Legolas charges back in with the banner and more knights

More warg, but on Joe's side of the field... this is going to be close

And this time the Umbar General is slain, 3 points Galadhrim

My Knights are hacking at the Warg

Things aren't looking so bleak, as the Corsairs arrive

But Joe is still in the centre and the wargs are there!

another point for me

I press the attack with my knights

The warg now have a Chieftain to add to the battle, but Joe has the nearest troop (again)

More warg arrive (on Joe's side again as the nearest troops)

Legolas, starts shooting the Corsair Reevers

While the Galadhrim Knights are charged by the warg

My Galadhrim counter charge again, I am desperate to get the 3 points for the warg Chief 

Joe and the warg are fighting... this is gonna be close!

His troops are spread thin and he is near breaking point...

The Galadhrim Knights, led by Legolas smash in to the Reevers

My Galadhrim loose the fight to the warg... I might need some help!

The half troll is knocked prone, and the Galadhrim are looking strong

Meanwhile, Joe kills the warg and adds points

Time to send in the cavalry (literally)
my Galadhrim knights needing points charge the warg

Despite Joe being broken and us forgetting to make him roll his courage test,
the Galadhrim are holding up, but are also nearly broken - that Warg Chieftain will not die!

The Warg Chieftain surrounded by Umbar

The last of the warg, and the battle ends
Galadhrim 16 vs 14 Umbar

Final Thoughts:
This battle was a very close battle and eventually saw a win for good and my new Galadhrim mounted elves. The elven bows in this custom scenario were useless and I could have done with more troops, but, I won the battle... just!

This battle was hard, you can't think like you do for normal battles as there are wargs arriving at the objective points, plus the opponents army to think about, this took me a few rounds - but I got there in the end.  My tips would be keep near the objectives and kill more than your opponent!

Well done Sam and Joe for writing the report.

This also means that my Tale of four gamers army of Galadhrim have there first win and have maximum points for month 2, YEAH!!!

Man of the Match:
Man of the Match:
Legolas Greenleaf
Legolas was awesome, he rallied the troops and got stuck into battle where it was needed killing the enemy general and really moving fast.

The Galadhrim captain also held out well and caused trouble for Joe, but by killing the general - Legolas has to take the accolade of Man of the Match.

All in all another brilliant match and an enjoyable battle.

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  1. Good looking game.
    I haven't come across this mission before... got a link to it ?
    Where were the wargs coming from, - hard to tell from the pictures, they just seemed to be materialising out of thin air...
    How many on the board at a time - I presume they keep recycling or is there a fixed amount?
    Coincidentally I have just order more wargs so I can play Hounds of Sauron scenario, from FotR... which seems very similar...

  2. Apologies Scott, I have been working on 4-5 different reports recently (lots of activity at the club as well as the Tourney next week) so I didn't add the events pack with the custom scenario rules on! These are now linked in the intro!


  3. Fun scenario. I developed something very similar for my gaming group's GT last year. The random monsters really make things interesting. (rules for Where the Wild Things Are can be found here:

    I really like the twist of having a WWC spawn after a certain number of wargs are killed. I may have to borrow that.