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The Hobbit SBG - Tale of Four Gamers

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"...the folk of Arnor dwindled, and their foes devoured them, and their lordship passed...!"          
                                                    - Elrond, The Fellowship of the Ring          

The Tale of 4 Gamers - Hobbit SBG. My army will be the army of the last king of Arnor....

The Lord of the Rings SBG - The Ruin of Arnor
The Lord of the Rings SBG 
The Ruin of Arnor
Army of Arnor.
The idea of this tale is to build from scratch a brand new 700 point army over the course of 3 months, competing against other hobbyists on the one-ring forum as we build, paint and battle our way to the finish line...

We are playing the new Hobbit SBG rule from Games Workshop. 

Month 1 
Build and paint 2 warbands, including an army leader:
Points are awarded as follows: 
 - 1 point for each hero painted on time
 - 1 point for each warband of 6+
 - 1 extra point for each full warband of 12 
(maximum 6 points)

Month 2
Expand your force to 500 points, complete with army list (name any un-named heroes) then battle your 500 point army against another gamer at the end of the month, 
Points are awarded as follows:
 - 5 points for complete a 500 point army (with army list), 
 - 3 points for a victory, 2 for a draw or 1 for a loss
(maximum 8 points)

Month 3
Paint a centre piece (monster/hero over 100 pointts).
Expand your army to 700 points with army list
Play a multi-player game at the end of the month (doubles), 
Points are awarded as follows:
 - 2 points for centre piece
 - 3 points for complete 700pt force and list
 - 5 points for victory, 3 for draw and 1 for loss
(maximum 10 points)

Tale of 4 Gamers - My Army of Arnor

The Hobbit SBG - Arnor Army
My Hobbit SBG army of Arnor, 2 warbands of warriors of Arnor,
command, Arvedui - Last King of Arnor and Malbeth the Seer

The Hobbit SBG - Aragorn and Arathorn
Additions/centre pieces to Arnor - Aragorn and his father Arathorn
(Rangers of the North and Arnor are lurking in the background)

The Hobbit SBG - Arnor Command
Captain and banner of Arnor

Hobbit SBG - Arvedui Last King of Arnor and Malbeth the Seer
Arvedui - Last King of Arnor and Malbeth the Seer

I will be painting the first of my challenges this month:
Warband 1:
Arvedui (Army leader)
12 x Warriors of Arnor

Warband 2:
Captain of Arnor
1 x Banner Arnor 
11 x Warriors of Arnor.

If painted on time this will give me the maximum number of points for month 1 (6 points) - then I can add Malbeth and a warband of Arnor rangers for month 2! and look at Arathorn / Aragorn and Rangers of the North or more Warriors of Arnor for month 3....

Keep an eye out as I update my progress with painting this army and how it performs in battle in Month 2.

Thanks I hope you will enjoyed it as much as me!

We are about to start playing The Hobbit SBG - both skirmish battles LotR/Hobbit and walk through the books/films as well as the odd WotR on club nights.

We welcome anyone interested in playing The Hobbit, Lotr SBG, WotR or any warhammer/40K battle - why not let us know so that we can arrange some starter battles, like the one above, or if you/your club want to challenge us. We have all the LOTR SBG figures and LOTR scenery from the Mines of Moria to the siege of Helms Deep ready and waiting.  

Feel free to email us to come along or arrange a game.

East Grinstead War Gaming club 

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