Friday, 7 October 2011

WOTR: Misty Mountains / Moria Army


Boom, boom, boom... the drums of the goblin army of Moria!
- The Lord of the Rings
My War of the Rings Misty Mountains Army - from the LotR Mines of Moria, once a glorious home to the Dwarves of Khazad-dum, now home to a Dragon, Balrog and a horde of goblins and cave trolls... Buhrdur
This was my first painted Lord of the Rings LotR army, which is probably evident in the painting, but still it is a force to be reckoned with, it consists of approximately 3000 points:

  • 6 x Moria warband  - Captain - Shaman - Goblin Drum
  • 4 x Moria warband with shields - Captain
  • 3 x Moria Goblins with bows - Captain - Shaman
  • 3 x Moria Goblins with bows - Captain
  • 6 x Wild Warg
  • 4 x Giant Spiders
  • Spider Queen
  • 7 Cave Trolls + (Buhrdur is included in photos as an ally, just because I love the figure)
  • Dragon of Ancient Times
  • The Balrog of Morgoth
  • Durburz, Goblin King
  • Druzhag the Beast Caller

This army can be used in a WOTR/LOTR battle at the East Grinstead War Gamers Club in Sussex if you let me know in advance I can bring them along, hope you enjoy the models.
WOTR: Box full of Moria

WOTR: Misty Mountains Army

LotR: Buhrdur and Cave Trolls

LotR: Moria Cave Troll

LotR Moria: Moria Trolls & Buhrdur

WOTR: Druzhag the Beastcaller

WOTR: Durburz, King of Moria

WOTR: Moria Goblin Warband

WOTR: Moria Goblin Warband with shields

WOTR: Moria Goblin Warband with bows and Shaman

LotR: Misty Mountains Spider Queen

LotR: Moria Spider Queen

WOTR: Moria Giant Spiders

WOTR: Moria Spiders

WOTR: Misty Mountains Wild Warg Pack

LotR: Misty Mountains Dragon of Ancient Times close up

LotR: Misty Mountains Dragon of Ancient Times

LotR: The Balrog of Morgoth (work in progress)

If you are interested in Warhammer, WOTR or LOTR then let us know and you can either take part or try the LOTR WOTR systems at our club, or even help construct scenery or paint models in preparation for some huge battles coming in 2012.  Or if your club wants to take on our club we are willing to have a warhammer tournament here in Sussex, or can we can travel to neighbouring counties.

East Grinstead War Gaming club 

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