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LOTR: Battle Report - SBG Gondor seek Revenge

"...Through the blood of our people, are your lands kept safe!" 
                                                    Boromir, The Fellowship of the Ring


Lord of the Rings battle report -  Gondor vs Mordor 

So, this was my second Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and as usual I took loads of photos for the battle report.  Craig wanted to field pretty much the same army although this time he took some Minas Tirith Knights. I decided to drop the Witch King in favour of a whole additional Mordor War Band - numbers (I hope) will win the day.

We used the clubs desert board with some desert scenery, just so that it was something different and adds to the variety of grass and snow we currently use.  Craig was determind to get a win in and brought knights of Minas Tirith in his army to fight the threat of my Warg riders.

Apologies for the lack of my usual write up - I will add some commentary soon!

Scenario 4 - Pitched Battle
LOTR SBG - Mordor Army

LOTR SBG - Mordor War band 1

LOTR SBG - Mordor War band 2

LOTR SBG - Mordor War band 3 with Shaman

LOTR SBG - Mordor War band 4 Warg Riders

LOTR SBG - Gondor Army

LOTR SBG - GOndor, Knights of Minas Tirith

LOTR SBG - Warriors of Minas Tirith

LOTR SBG - Waste Land Board, Armies to deploy

LOTR SBG - GOndor Command (Farimir used as Boromir) 

LOTR SBG - Pitched Battle Scenario

LOTR SBG - Mordor Army Deploy

LOTR SBG - Mordor Army Deploy

LOTR SBG - Both Armies Deployed

LOTR SBG - Gondor Army Deploy

LOTR SBG - Gondor Knights ready to fight

LOTR SBG - Gondor win Priority and advance

LOTR SBG - Mordor Orcs rush forward

LOTR SBG - Mordor Warg riders head for the ruins

LOTR SBG - Mordor advance over the  water whole

LOTR SBG - Gondor Knights change direction to head off the warg

LOTR SBG - Warg prepare to lure the knights in to the ruins...

LOTR SBG - Warg Riders seem to take the ruins

LOTR SBG - Mordor Captain calls the advance

LOTR SBG - Mordor Shaman and Orcs advance

LOTR SBG - Gondor hold and await the advancing Horde

LOTR SBG - Gondor take the bait and commit their cavalry to the ruins 

LOTR SBG - Mordor Archers 

LOTR SBG - Mordor numbers get close

LOTR SBG - Wargs leave the ruins and trap Boromir and the Knights 

LOTR SBG - The Battle so far...
LOTR SBG - Gondor  Knights advance halted by single warg rider

LOTR SBG - Warg Riders charge at Gondor lines

LOTR SBG - Mordor archers fail to leave enough room and are both engaged 

LOTR SBG - Gondor pull back 

LOTR SBG - Gondor knights stuck in ruins

LOTR SBG - Mordor charge Gondor infantry

LOTR SBG - Gondor take casualties

LOTR SBG - Gondor flank surrounded

LOTR SBG - Gondor Knights break through ruins 

LOTR SBG - Gondor pull back again

LOTR SBG - Gondor flank falls

LOTR SBG - Boromir and the Gondor Knights desperate to get stuck in

LOTR SBG - Boromir charges the rear of the orcs

LOTR SBG - Boromir hacks at orcs

LOTR SBG - Gondor  suffer as the Mordor Orcs prepare to engage

LOTR SBG - Gondor try to pull back but are heavily outnumbered

LOTR SBG - Gondor look set to lose

LOTR SBG - Boromir attacks again

LOTR SBG - Mordor sensing victory advance again

LOTR SBG - Gondor numbers dwindle and are about to break

LOTR SBG - Mordor number overwhelm Gondor

LOTR SBG - Gondor surrounded

LOTR SBG - Gondor desperately hold on

LOTR SBG - Boromir and the knights still unable to get to main Mordor Force

LOTR SBG - Gondor left flank still stuck in ruins

LOTR SBG - Mordor Archers are spread out to stop Boromir

LOTR SBG - Gondor Knight charges single archer

LOTR SBG - Gondor are broken...

LOTR SBG - Gondor now have to roll courage tests

LOTR SBG - Gondor loose heart and warriors flee the battle field

LOTR SBG - Gondor troops who remain are smashed

LOTR SBG - Boromir's last action to attack the Shaman (who ended up being an expensive Orc)

LOTR SBG - Gondor finally leave the ruins

LOTR SBG - Gondor drop like flies (especially when archers are shooting)

LOTR SBG - Mordor Shaman about to die

LOTR SBG - Gondor last few are killed

LOTR SBG - Gondor again have to courage test

LOTR SBG - Gondor looses the last few warriors

LOTR SBG - Mordor wins, although Boromir survived to fight another day!

LOTR SBG - Gondor dead/Loses

LOTR SBG - Mordor dead/loses

Man of the Match
LOTR: Man of the Match: Boromir
For me, yet again it has to be Boromir - he managed to kill plenty of orcs, I purposefully kept my army from engaging him, but I just need to work on my measuring and ensure that only one orc at time attacks or is attacked!

I still have to get to grip with the rules so it will be interesting to pit a decent Evil hero against him and see how he likes it! And learn the rules for magic as my shaman literally did nothing!

We are about to start playing LOTR SBG - both skirmish battles and walk through the books/films each Monday night and WotR on club nights.
We welcome anyone interested in playing Lotr SBG, WotR or any warhammer/40K battle - why not let us know so that we can arrange some starter battles, like the one above, or if you/your club want to challenge us. We have all the LOTR SBG figures and LOTR scenery from the Mines of Moria to the siege of Helms Deep ready and waiting.  
Feel free to email us to come along or arrange a game.

Next Week we are going to do the 'surrounded' scenerio with a group of elves and a few heros defending a ruined castle from the onslught of orcs and goblins (2 vs 1). This should be interesting and will show case three armies in one - Elves, Mordor and Misty Mountains.  Lookl out for the report in due course!

East Grinstead War Gaming club 

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