Friday, 4 October 2013

Hobbit SBG - Arnor and Woses v Hunter Orcs

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"Come my friends the Ents are going to war..."          
Treebeard, The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings

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Back to normal for this weeks battle, Louis and I took Arnor and Woses (circa 500 points each) while Sam and Craig used the Hunter and Morannon Orc army.  So 1000 point battle with loads of Woses, Treebeard and a host of orcs... 

Below is the battle (doubles again) - using the new Hobbit rules by Games Workshop.

Morannon and Hunter Orcs deployed on the field...
they need to make it across the battlefield and try to get off of the board to score points

The Orc Warbands deployed

More filthy little orcs

Treebeard, Bullroarer Took and Ghan-Bhuri-Ghan and 3 warbands of woses...
how many blow pipes!

Arnor Warriors, led by Arathorn, Malbeth
and Halberad with the Banner of Arwen

Malbeth deploys with the Arnor Rangers on the left flank,
their mission is to get across the board and score points taking out
any orcs that stand in the way

Sam and Craig win priority and promptly move all the orcs forward

Treedbeard and the woses next

Sam is concerned by the blowpipes and sends his trackers to the ruins

Arnor warriors flood the woods, the flank is kept clear and
so the rangers press forward

The Morannon Orcs hold the middle and the hunter orcs rush to
take the flank, spotting the woses

Tracker orcs take the ruins and prepare to pepper arrows onto the
woses below

Arnor warriors shuffle sideways to provide a shield wall for the woses,
who in turn provide spear and blowpipe support

The Arnor and Woses battle line now looks formidable

Treebeard joins the fight

Arathorn shouts "HOLD THE LINE" as the orcs move forward

Sam rushes his hunter orcs into the Woses flank, no Arnor there
and they should mean that they are a softer target, ho hum.

The orcs charge and Arnor fight back

Arathorn refuses to use double might against the Morannon Captain,
The Dwimmerlaik is proving valuable

The Arnor flank pushes forward into the orc flank in a battle to secure the woods

Rangers of Arnor had great success picking off random orcs with some great rolling,
this led to Sam effectively hiding his main heroes out of view of the rangers,
who enjoyed keeping them pinned down - brilliant!

Woses and Treebeard get the upper hand and start to kill off the hunter orcs,
Sam is considering sending in the trackers

The orcs in the middle, don't fair much better and are forced back

Arnor rangers forget about running off the field and enjoy their success in picking off the orcs,
time to target the ringwraiths...

The evil army is looking thin now and Treebeard move in for the kill
on the two ringwriaths

Holding out to the last, with the orc army smashed there isn't much the wraiths can do,
other than try to kill Treebeard

The game finished with a clear victory for Arnor and Woses, what a force they were together.

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  1. These battle reports are great fun. both armies looked amazing on the field, and everything looked dynamic, i always find that a victory for all parties.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the comments - I am glad you like the reports. I try not to spend too much of my time writing up the battle, but try to capture lots of photos to show the battle and key elements.

    Keep an eye out for more battle reports and dont forget to follow us for updates!

  3. Great to see some Woses in action (must paint up mine!) but odd to see them allied with Arnor...