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Hobbit SBG - Harad v Erebor Dwarves

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"Theres too many, we can't fight them..."          
      -Dwalin, one of the company, The Hobbit

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This battle was two weeks ago at East Grinstead Club and saw myself and Louis field his awsome Harad army with Sam and Matt fielding a strange combination of Erebor Dwarves and Easterlings... DONT ASK! (Matt was offered Gondor Allies, but would only play Easterlings, so we reluctantly let him field them with the dwarves). 

Louis and I split his army and watched as Sam and Matt basically played separately...

So on to the battle - I will keep the write up to a minimum as I have another to write up!

Hope you enjoy.

Matt and Sam set out their army.. Sam you look so happy!

Hobbit SBG Erebor Dwarves

Dwalin leads his warband of Erebor Dwarves

Matt's Easterling Kataphrakts with Amdur

Floi Stonehand and his Iron Guard warband

The Betrayer with Corsair Arbalesters

The Golden King of Harad

The Harad army - lots of Abrakhan Guard and Watchers of Karna

Erebor dwarves deployment

Suladan deployment

Golden King deployed

The Betrayer - ringwraith

Harad army advance

Suladan prepares to charge the Iron Guard to the rear

Floi leads the Iron Guard to attackt he Golden King,
but their little legs can't quite get there!

Floi is slain and the guard are surrounded and outnumbered...
"divide and conquer" I tell Louis 

Suladans warband support the Golden King to surround the Iron Guard

"REFORM" - Suladan orders his warband to reform,
 the dwarves are coming and the Iron Guard are decimated

Erebor dwarves run through the ruins

Dwalin makes for the objective

Suladan lines up at the side of the ruins

Louis brings his warbands into the fray and head toward the Easterlings

The Easterling Kataphrakts have stayed hidden away from the
crossbows and have divided, with 1/2 going up the middle, the other to intercept Louis
(we both smiled at this point)

The Golden King watching the Easterlings and Dwarves prepare to move

Easterling charge up the middle as expected, the Harad army have
reformed their line and are ready to engage

Matt is still overly concerned by the crossbows and hold his flanking cavalry 

The Golden King of Harad eyes Amdur...

Arbalester view

Oops... The middle Easterling charge is wiped out, including
Amdur with little loss for Harad... Matt is in disbelief

The Easterling flank now charge the Harad flank in a desperate bid to make a head way,
but without spear support or the dwarf infantry they are simply feeding us kills

Sensing the loss, Sam tries to rally and support Matt and brings his dwarves in to the fray

Dwalin is on the objective, but is needed else where

The betrayer and Harad prepare for the Erebor dwarf charge

The dwarves charge and Harad begin to move around them to negate the
spear support

Dwalin gives up the objective, and rushes to the aid of Matt on the flank

CHARGE! The Betrayer pushes everything in to the dwarve

Erebor Dwarf captain with elven blade

The Arbalesters start to pick off the stray enemy with pot shots...
even if it does kill a few of our own!

Erebor dwarves are now surrounded and out numbered, time to press the attack

The Easterling flank falls, but Dwalin stands fast

Go for the objective the games about to end!!!

In the end, the disjointed approach left the dwarves and Easterlings with little chang of winning - final score:
Dwarves & Easterlings 2 v Harad 12

We often play Hobbit/LOTR SBG - both skirmish battles and walk through the books/films each Monday night and WotR on club nights.

We welcome anyone interested in playing The Hobbit SBG, Lotr SBG, WotR or any warhammer/40K battle - why not let us know so that we can arrange some starter battles, like the one above, or if you/your club want to challenge us. We have all the LOTR/Hobbit SBG figures and LOTR scenery from the Mines of Moria to the siege of Helms Deep, snow fields to desert boards ready and waiting.  

Why not join our watch list for updates and look out for Easters weekend battle event... two days of fighting in the ruins of Osgiliath, Helms Deep and Far Harad, you cannot afford to miss it.
Feel free to email us to come along or arrange a game.

East Grinstead War Gaming club 

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