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The Tale of 4 Gamers - Hobbit SBG (part 4)

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"... Arvedui you shall call him, for he will be the last in Arthedain."          
      -Malbeth the Seer, Prophecy at Arvedui's birth

The Hobbit SBG Rule Book
The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Rule Book
So a month ago Sam and I played our battle of  the "Tale of 4 Gamers".

Like the previous battle I fielded my Arnor army 500 points with Arvedui the King, Malbeth the Seer and a host of warriors.

Sam had his 500 point hunter orc army led by Fimbul on warg... 

I was confident going into this battle as last time these armies met, Arnor was very strong.

How would they fair this week, my Arnor army against the Hunter orcs who will be battling together again for the valuable points in our current tale of 4 gamers (which actually has 8 players!)

The Hobbit SBG
Hobbit SBG Deployment started - Sam places hunter orcs on the board

The Hobbit SBG deployment
My turn to begin deployment

The Hobbit SBG deployment
The pieces are set, the game is to start, but I suddenly realise that I have deployed my rangers in the ruins (and unlike WOTR ruins are easy to enter) and Sam has deployed hunter orcs in very close proximity... now I am kicking myself.

The Hobbit SBG Ranger deployment
The Arnor rangers, look at the hunter orcs... please let me roll priority!

The Hobbit SBG Army deployment
My two warbands of Arnor Warriors llok fantastic at centre field, the orc rabble get set to charge my shield wall

The Hobbit SBG Fimbul charges
Noooo! I lost priority and as predicted Sam charged Fimbul on his warg straight in to my rangers,
the rest look on it shock.

The Hobbit SBG Arnor Army
Black guard and hunter orcs advance, Arnor set to brace for impact!

The Hobbit SBG Arnor Army
The Hunter orcs press forward out of the ruins of Arnor

The Hobbit SBG Fimbul charges Rangers
Arnor try to salvage the poor deployment, but they are just too far away

The Hobbit SBG Shield walls clash
Mordor clash with Arnor, shield walls crunching together... who will win?

The Hobbit SBG Arvedui
Arvedui leads his warband to intercept the hunter flank and stop the press of the orcs

The Hobbit SBG Fimbul and warg
Fimbul wins his fight and pushes the attack

The Hobbit SBG Hunter orcs attack Arnor
Arnor holds the centre and Mordor feel the pressure

The Hobbit SBG Hunter orcs
Fighting on all flanks as the hunter orcs go for the kill

The Hobbit SBG Arnor Rangers retreat
A few spare rangers pull back as the rest of Fimbuls warband run in for the kill

The Hobbit SBG Arnor Rangers retreat
Fimbuls warg is enjoying the sport and rips into the rangers,
Malbeth the seer withdraws to a safe distance

The Hobbit SBG Arnor v Mordor Orcs
Arnor look strong centre field

The Hobbit SBG Rangers v Hunter Orcs
Rangers of Arnor are over run and practically wiped out

The Hobbit SBG Malbeth v Hunter Orcs
Malbeth moves in to support the main Arnor army and desperately tries to save those kills

The Hobbit SBG Arnor Hunter Orcs
hunter orcs work their way around the scenery to try to out flank the Arnor warriors,
but are met with spear and shield

The Hobbit SBG Rangers Hunter Orcs
No more rangers...

The Hobbit SBG Arnor v Hunter Orcs
Arnor are now starting to look vulnerable and Arvedui calls

The Hobbit SBG Malbeth the seer
Arnor warriors desperately try to reform in the centre of the field

The Hobbit SBG Hunter orcs
Hunter orcs are out of range to charge the rear of the Arnor Warriors

The Hobbit SBG attack
"ON ME!!" The King calls, almost at break point, but can we hold on!?

The Hobbit SBG
Birds eye view of the battle, Fimbul and the spare hunters are moving in for the kill

The Hobbit SBG Fimbuls warg
Arvedui is caught by Fimbul trying to make it the the middle of his troops, the king is surrounded

The Hobbit SBG Fimbuls warg attack
The warg senses victory and smells royal blood!

The Hobbit SBG Arnor surrounded
Everyone pushes forward to try to get to the king and help support him

The Hobbit SBG Arnor hold on
Arnor on the brink of defeat

The Hobbit SBG Arnor Arvedui holds on
Victory, Arvedui the last king wins his fight, but fails to kill

The Hobbit SBG Arnor broken
Surrounded and broken, The last king of Arnor, Arvedui is slain
Victory to Sam and the Hunter orcs

I hoped you enjoyed the battle report - I really lost the battle with my poor deployment... i have no idea other than thinking along the lines of War of the Ring and thinking they were safe and had extra defense from the ruins... fool!

I was still impressed with the army of Arnor - their fight value and defence make them a formidable army.

The Hobbit SBG Man of the Match Fimbul and warg
Hobbit Man of the Match
Fimbul The Hunter

Man of the Match
Sam - has to take this, Fimbul the Hunter was fast and hard hitting, of course riding a huge warg is always going to be a bonus!
Well deserved win and Man of the Match for Sam (as well as the hard earned points for Tale of 4 Gamers).

Again, Arvedui Last King of Arnor was my favourite from Arnor as he was solid on the flank and his warriors were awesome! With higher fight value and good defence, they held against everything that was thrown at them, right up until the end... but, in the end they just couldn't bring it back and recover from the loss of the rangers and my poor deployment of them.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the battle, with this defeat I have thrown the towel in on the Tale of 4 Gamers as there are too many points to try to catch up from the loss.

Perhaps now I can finish my Black Guard army!

Look out for our battle event at the end of June (dates to be confirmed) for more battles in Middle Earth - please join the site and get up dates on more to come soon.

We are about to start playing LOTR SBG - both skirmish battles and walk through the books/films each Monday night and WotR on club nights.

We welcome anyone interested in playing The Hobbit SBG, Lotr SBG, WotR or any warhammer/40K battle - why not let us know so that we can arrange some starter battles, like the one above, or if you/your club want to challenge us. We have all the LOTR/Hobbit SBG figures and LOTR scenery from the Mines of Moria to the siege of Helms Deep, snow fields to desert boards ready and waiting.  

Why not join our watch list for updates and look out for Easters weekend battle event... two days of fighting in the ruins of Osgiliath, Helms Deep and Far Harad, you cannot afford to miss it.
Feel free to email us to come along or arrange a game.

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