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Hobbit SBG - Galadhrim v Misty Mountains (1400 points)

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“It all began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings"
        Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings

Time was running out and so the only way I could get my doubles match in on time to complete the Galadhrim Tale of Four Gamers month 3 was to recruit my wife, daughter and son to play. I knew this would be a hard task, starter battle should be small and I should let my opponent win... not this time!

The battle took a full afternoon of gaming to complete along with my daughter leaving 1/2 way through as she was bored.  Me against my wife and Tom then!

I fielded my 700 point Galadhrim army as part of the overall 1400 point army:
Warband 1:
Galadriel and mirror
3 Guard of the Galadhrim Court 

Warband 2:
Legolas with armour and horse
6 Galadhrim knights with bows

Warband 3:
Galadhrim Captain with Armoured horse
10 Galadhrim Knights with shields

Tom wanted to play Misty mountains and the dragon so I helped him put together a 1400 point list which included 3 cave trolls, and a warband of wargs, loads of goblins and a few bat swarms.

We played to the death as he wanted to play that scenario. 

Galadriel and Guard of the Galadhrim court

Legolas and the Galadhrim knights take the southern flank

Galadhrim captain with 10 knights

Rumil and warband of Galadhrim

Haldir and warband of Galadhrim 

Thranduil with Mirkwood guard

The battle field with a ruined town in the center

Dragon of Ancient Times is the centre piece for the evil army

Goblin war band
Wild Warg Chieftain and warband of warg

The dragon leads 3 cave trolls

Bat swarms

Goblin king leads misty mountain goblins

More goblins 

And a shaman for that ever present fury!

Mirkwood deploy

Galadhrim move forward

Galadriel with mirror

Guard of the Galadhrim court at the ready

My knights ride south around the ruin

Evil, try to avoid the mirkwood bows and move forward behind the hill

The three cave trolls lumber forward

The dragon flies into the ruins, followed by the bats

While all the goblins advance

And are out of range of my elf bows

End of round 1

The wild warg decide to punch forward to run down my elven bows

With support from goblin warband

And the cave trolls

The dragon edges forward and waits for support

The Guard of the Galadhrim court advance towards the dragon

Toms bats hold their position to remain out of bow range

Two bands of goblins run across the gap

While the shaman, having called channelled fury forms a spear supported line

My move, my galadhrim cavalry advance out of charge range of the goblins

A few mirkwwod guard enter the ruins

My galadhrim knights with bow move 1/2 forward with Legolas

The Guard of the Galadhrim court form a loose formation preparing for a dragon attack

Rumil moves forward - the dragon is in sight

Haldirs elves form a line ready for a wild warg charge

Thranduils elves fire everything at the warg chief...

...and leave him with 1 wound

Evils turn.... Round 3

Suddenly all hell breaks lose and the wargs charge the elven line while the dragon flies into their rear...


The troll gang now move towards the ruins with Rumil

While the goblin line spreads across the gap waiting for my elves

In the centre the goblins cover the gap.

Rumil and Thranduil are prepare to charge the dragon...

Thranduil calls Natures Wraith (having checked the rules with Sam on text)!

The dragon rolls a 5 and doesn't save

Now the dragon is prone and vulnerable!

The bows in the ruins climb the ladders to the next floor

And have a good view of the goblins

The galadhrim bows move 1/2 again and prepare to shoot

As I spread my knights out to have a full on charge into the goblins

Mirkwood bows pick off a few warg

Thranduil and Haldir charge the dragon passing both their courage tests

And lose the fightt!

The dragon is back on its feet

The warg however,  don't fare so well

Can the galadhrim hold out!

The goblins dress across the avoid being shot in the center 
And to support the line against the impending charge

The goblins are set and ready.... Hold.... HOLD!

Rumil and his elves watch the trolls move forward towards the ruins

The warg charge in again

As does the dragon...
Rumil sends in a few to support

A few remaining elves not in combat support the elven heroes against the dragon

While the mirkwppd warband wrap around the warg

Courage checks passed and Rumils warriors charge the cave trolls

Support is close at hand

With no targets the bow ride forward

charge! My entire line of Galadhrim knights charge the goblin spear line... This was either brave or stupid 

The odds are looking good

But also look good from the goblins

Now to roll for the fighting

Who will come out on top!?

Both the Thranduil and to counter the dragon heroic strike - the dragon rolled the one! Come on elves!

And they get the win, the dragon backs off, but amazingly defence 9 = no wounds! 
I'm gonna need more elves

Next up the warg chief...

...is slain

The dragon is starting to look a little lonely

Even the wood elves best off the warg

Bam! What a round of rolling, two of the trolls are wounded, with one on one wound

The cavalry though, loose nearly every fight and are driven back, 
Even a few are killed

The captain manages a win and kills some goblins

End of round four, the battle so far

Evil send in some goblins to support the trolls

Next round and Galadhrim captain is isolated

Ta few knights win and knock the goblins prone

The cavalry are having mixed fortunes

The elves manage the wound the dragon, time to try and trap him

The wargs time is limited

Good win priority and everyone - bar one passes their courage check
The dragon is surrounded by 17 elves - if I win that'll be over 35 attacks!

The dragon is now on its own

Rumil fails his courage check into the troll and so is charged by goblins!

Things are about to heat up in the ruins

As the galadhrim court and a bat are getting stuck in

Bats causing the Galadhrim court to half fight value

The supporting galadhrim are too far to help,

But the knights with bows charge the rear of the goblin spear line to
Help out the other knights

Evil send the other bat and some goblins into the galadhrim captain

The knights still look like they might do it on the southern flank

Haldir's turn to strike up


The bats swarm

Wow, what a difference 17 elves make! 5 wounds and some might used, 
the dragon is now down to one wound

Rumil, loses the roll against the goblins, but forces the 6 to be re-rolled, 
this swift parry wins him the fight

And he kills a goblin

The troll loses, but is not wounded

The second is slain

The third is saved by the bat swarm who takes two galadhrim pikes out of the fight

The elves and bats fight

But the bats are beaten back, no wounds

The troll lives to fight again

Surely the knights now have it!?

No! They are lose and the goblin gets up

Come on!

A charging Galadhrim against a lonely goblin...

And the knight is gone 

Maybe this time!

No, the goblin captain wins and is stood up

Two prone goblins ?

Also win, double dice for shielding!

Surely someone s going to win! The galadhrim cavalry on the charge should be unstoppable!

But no, another knight driven back, my saving grace is the lack of casualties

captain next, the bat swarm halfway his fights and fight value...

So he was never going to win! Down to one wound,but still alive

Good priority again, the captain charges a goblin spear
Too worried to attack the bat swarm

Another Galadhrim charge....

The shaman is charged, let's destroy the fury!

The elves are not doing too well 

The cavalry start to pick on cornered goblins

The dragon is charged again, with no might he can get out of the trap

Some fantastic courage checks sees another mass bundle on the dragon

haldir is after the dragons head

Rumil, manages to charge the cave troll

Along with many elves

The goblin shaman is trapped and loses the fight

Double attacks on the charge finishes him off. The dragon is still not killed, 
but Galadhrim knights manage to kill a few more goblins - breaking the goblins, game over.  

Galadhrim 8 v 0 Misty Mountains

The battle field at the end of the battle

Knights finally have the upper hand

A good battle and a vital win for good

Final Thoughts:

Lothlorien 8 v 0 Misty Mountains
This battle was a clear victory for the army of Lothlorien, their fight value, bows and armour really paid of against the Misty Mountains army.  The dragon held his own for much of the game and only really took damage once all his might had run out and the elves were able to get more attacks and trap him for double wounds... ...even then they didn't slay him and their heroes had to burn all their might - tough hide is worth while for the dragon

The combination of Elven bow fire and support from the Galadhrim was e to really make the Moria army really think twice about a full on 

The final score was:
Galadhrim 8 - 0 Misty Mountain

So another win for good and I gain full points for both of my Tale of Four Gamers armies: Wanders in the Wild 700 point army and Galadhrim 700 point army.

Man of the Match:
Man of the Match: The Dragon of Ancient Times!
Quite simply, this had to go to the Dragon, although he didn't win the battle for the misty mountains he was a tough nut to crack, even with twenty odd elves, he is a beast.

If Tom had saved some might he could have used the might to get out of the way of the elves, but with the elves winning so many priorities, he was stuck and couldn't use magic.  Thomas loves the model and might try him again so that he can get used to his rules and abilities. 

All in all another brilliant game and an enjoyable battle.

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