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Hobbit SBG - Goblin Town & Isengard v Khazad & Woses

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Bones will be shattered, necks will be wrung! You'll be beaten and battered, from racks you'll be hung! You will die down here and never be found! Down in the deep of Goblin-Town!"
        The Great Goblin's song in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Sorry for the delay - this was our last battle report from the Sunday before Christmas. Louis was back from Uni and so we team up against Bilbo   (Michael - from the one Ring) & Craig.

For the first time in the few years I have have been playing Lotr/Hobbit SBG I did not have to bring any figures!!! Louis provided our 1000 point army and Craig and Michael both teamed up with their figures...

Hope you enjoy!

The battlefield for this weeks Hobbit SBG battle

Louis' army of Woses - led by Treebeard as well as Khazad guard led by Durin -
he also had a converted Alfred and Bombur... not very nice! 

The Evil Army a which had The Great Goblin, a troll (one of the tree - Tom, Bert or Bill)
 lots of goblins and Uruk Hai

Craig and Bilbo deployed there Uruks...

...and then they deployed there goblin town horde.

The scribe hid behind a ruin as the rest of the Goblin Town army was placed

The Army leader - The Great Goblin behind a warband of goblins

The evil power house a troll and The Great Goblin King are almost side by side

Next was good deployment - Woses supporting Khazad with leaders in frot and rear ranks...
This was nasty!

Treebeard and Durin stacked on the left flank to take on the Goblin King and Troll

The Hobbit Troll 

The Great Goblin (The Goblin King) -
Just for Bilbo (Now then now then...)

And a sneakin' Gollum with the "one" ring

Bullroarer Took behind his woses - with Gimli at the front

Treebeard behind with Durin in front

The evil won priority and the goblins charged forward

The evil army advanced

The Goblin Trolls hide behind the goblins... 

The Goblins, having been whittled down by blow pipes, charge the Khazad Guard,
the trolls can't quite make it

The good army hold and wait for the advancing horde,
Craig's Uruk Hai crossbows fail to kill any good models

The Goblins hit the Khazad Guard - ouch!

Louis boosts Treebeard might with Alfred and then runs him back,
Treebeard is set to attack the troll

New goblins arrive and are set up behind our lines, Alfred is clearly their target

First round Good 10 - 1 Evil

Then Thrydan Wolfsbane charged Bullroarer Took...

Having called heroic fight, Bullroarer beat Thrydan Wolfsbane a
nd managed to kill his horse

Gollum, wearing the ring charged Gimli, while the goblins try to battle the Khazads

Surrounded! Determind to kill Thrydan Wolfsbane this turn
I use woses to surround him and hopefully win the fight

Meanwhile, the goblins smash on the Khazad Guard

Drum roll.... who will win (Louis gives a woses to support)
while the rest of his line dress across to fill the gap,
poor Thrydan Wolfsbane

Durin, Treebeard, The Troll and The Goblin King are all calling heroics to increase fight values
and are all locked in combat

Louis' good army have completely en-golfed the evil 

A close up 

Evils move - Bombur is charged by the goblins at the rear he is trying to help save Alfred

Gollum, using the ring 1/2 the fight value of Gimli

The lessen the blow Uruk poor into the fray and attack Durins support

More troops ready to support

The fighting starts, with the evil crossbows still not killing anything

Mauhur tries to get into the fight

Gimli and Gollum are head to head and he has pike supprt

Durin, wins the fight and Louis decided to use a point of might to ensure that the Great Goblin was slain -
General down! 

Next up Treebeard wins against the troll and needs 3 6's to kill him...

and Louis rolled 3 6's!!!! Bye bye!

I one foul swoop Louis has decimated the evil flank and has earned some extra victory points

Meanwhile, and next round the evil goblins jump the wall to try to flank the Khazads 

Bullroarer and Thrydan Wolfsbane... are again locked into combat

Uruk Hai take on Durin and Treebeard....

...and Louis uses spare troops to surround those annoying goblins

More goblins charge toward Alfred

With Thrydan Wolfsbane completely surrounded he was hard pushed to win,
and was predictably killed, having charged in behind our ranks and was closed in

Some very poor dice rolling left the Kazad Guard with a bloody nose and
the Uruk Hai are suddenly in the fight

Louis moves his troops to the center to fight the Uruk Kai there

But with treebeard and Durin... its gonna be hard to beat them!

With the evil army broken - we added the scores...

Good 46 v 14 Evil

Final Thoughts:
This battle was a white wash for good. With the extra might Alfred created Treebeard was even more of a monster and the evil army simply couldn't have enough power to beat them. With the loss of both the trolls in one round it was clear that evil were never going to win.  This was Louis' army and I am not sure I would have brought Alfred and Bombur... for obvious reasons - they were clearly an advantage, but essentially the might and power, as well as good rolls from Louis won the battle.

Man of the Match:
Man of the Match:
Both Durin and Treebeard did very well here, they were formidable in their fights and really decimated the evil army, but I think Durin has to tip it as he
seemed unstoppable and almost impossible to wound.

His high defense, special abilities and brilliant axe makes him worth the high cost of taking him.

Well done Craig and Michael for keep smiling even though the army combo was a little... contrived!

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  1. Wonderful battle report! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Jonathan - I am glad you enjoyed it!